Trattamenti anticorrosivi

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Protezioni anticorrosive


Protective treatment against corrosive agents

Corrosion is defined as the chemical interaction (very often electrochemical) between a material (usually metal) and the surrounding environment, which causes the degradation of the material and its properties, such as to compromise its functionality.

One of the most widely-used methods to counteract corrosion is the application of anti-corrosive coatings. These coatings are designed and regulated by specific international regulations and require strict protocols. Thanks to trained internal inspectors and qualified personnel, FES Servizi can apply special anti-corrosion coating in a wide range of contexts.

According to the type of surface and environmental conditions, the FES Servizi inspectors refer to the very latest regulations in order to choose the treatments, products and the thickness of application for each individual context, which usually varies from a few µm to 1 mm.

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Objectives of special anti-corrosion coating:

  • protection of the treated surfaces from aggressive atmospheric agents and from the attack of acid and alkaline substances

Operations that may require special anti-corrosive coating include:

  • Remediation and restoration works
  • Painting of new industrial, commercial and private buildings

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