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Erosion by abrasive jets

Traditional dry sandblasting consists of blowing a jet of abrasive material (olive stone, quartz, bicarbonate, glass beads, Australian garnet, corn cob grit, etc.) against the surface to be cleaned at controlled pressure. It is performed on site, at external sites, or, when requested, at the FES Servizi headquarters. Once the dry sandblasting treatment has been completed, where requested by the customer, FES Servizi protects the new surface with the required products: either new-generation products based on nano-technology or innovative products such as impregnating agents (for wood) and water/oil-repellent products (for bricks, exposed stones, marble, etc.).

Sabbiatura a secco

Objectives of dry blasting:

  • removal of the polluted or dirty surface layer of a product
  • preparation of a surface for painting or applying a protective coating

The operations that may require traditional dry sandblasting include:

  • industrial plant maintenance
  • removing graffiti
  • cleaning garden furniture and fences

In addition to traditional dry sandblasting, there are two other types of dry sandblasting: microblasting and soft-clean blasting. The first one uses jets of special abrasives with very small particle size; the second uses jets with with an even smaller particle size than microblasting, at reduced pressure.

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