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Washing, blasting and possible protective coating for the restoration of fine arts

How do we restore fine arts?

FES Servizi restores sculptures and any decorative objects of artistic interest. The end objective is to restore the objects to their original splendour, safeguarding them for future generations. FES Servizi starts by carefully analysing the material composition of the object and the degree of degradation. The results of this analysis determines the operation to be performed. It can be a simple non-destructive chemical washing or low-invasion blasting (microblasting, soft-clean blasting, cryogenic blasting). Chemical washing and blasting can be alternative or complementary operations. To ensure resistance to degradation factors over time, FES Servizi usually finishes the restoration with the application of anti-corrosion coating.

FES Servizi can restore:

  • Sculptures of artistic interest (alto-relief, bas-relief, etc.)
  • Decorative artworks and any object of artistic interest
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