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Sabbiatura criogenia y


Erosion using solid compressed CO2

This is a rapid and very eco-friendly alternative to traditional industrial cleaning methods. Dry ice blasting is an innovative treatment that uses dry ice (solid compressed CO2) as a cleaning substance, free from the dust and abrasive deposits typical of traditional dry and wet sandblasting. Since dry ice is non-abrasive, this type of blasting has the advantage of being free from the risk of damage to both materials and equipment.

Objectives of cryogenic or dry ice blasting:

  • removal of the topmost layer of a surface
  • preparation of a surface for painting or applying a protective coating
  • total elimination of blasting dust and abrasive deposits
  • reduction of traditional blasting times

The operations that may require cryogenic or dry ice blasting include:

  • removal of dirt and oil residues from electric motors and generators
  • cleaning turbines
  • cleaning food equipment. Including, for example, eliminating charred food residues from kitchen ovens and removing dust and glue from packaging machines

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