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Waterproofing treatment

Waterproofing consists of applying a liquid, paste, or in some cases even solid membrane (already pre-composed or pre-mixed), designed to prevent the passage of water. Whether it is rising damp, atmospheric water or leaks from containers such as tanks or swimming pools.

Waterproofing is an essential treatment both in the construction of new buildings and the maintenance of existing structures.

The choice of the membrane material must be made in consideration of the origin of the water, i.e. by positive thrust (e.g. balconies or terraces) or by negative thrust (e.g. basement walls). All membrane products must be positioned, mixed and laid carefully following the instructions provided by the manufacturer.


In addition to traditional materials, FES uses polyurea, a highly innovative elastomer, used as a protective coating as well as for waterproofing.

Objectives of waterproofing:

  • protection of a surfaces from water infiltration

Operations that may require waterproofing include:

  • Construction/renovation of basement walls
  • Construction/renovation of balconies and terraces
  • Construction/renovation of concrete or metal containment tanks
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