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Maintenance of bridges, stations, and infrastructure

Protection of shipyards, railways, airports, bridges, viaducts, and stations

We specialize in the maintenance of a wide range of infrastructure, including bridges, viaducts, railways, airports, and shipyards.

We provide treatments for protection against corrosive agents and passive fire protection. With our decades of experience and highly skilled team, we are capable of delivering high-quality and long-lasting work, while maintaining high standards of safety and environmental impact.

We place great emphasis on studying each project in order to fully understand your needs, allowing us to provide customized solutions and meet every requirement to the best of our ability.

We have worked on numerous significant infrastructures, including the impressive PONTE SAN MICHELE (with an area of approximately 40,000 square meters), where we performed sandblasting, RFI-approved painting, and sealing work for a total of 18 kilometers. Our goal was to thoroughly prepare and provide the best anti-corrosive coating for one of Europe's most important structures in terms of its type and size.
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