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Washing, blasting and possible protective coating for the restoration of churches

How do we restore churches?

Churches usually require restoration that ensures the building can quickly be reopened to the public. Thanks to the experience and technical know-how we have accumulated over the years, FES Servizi guarantees work is completed quickly and with high quality results.

After an initial assessment of the degree of surface degradation, FES Servizi decides which is the most suitable operation for removing the top layer of rust/scale/dirt: chemical washing, blasting or both. There are three possible types of blasting, depending on the composition of the layer to be removed: microblasting, soft-clean blasting or cryogenic blasting. To improve resistance to degradation factors (such as rising damp), FES Servizi usually finishes the restoration with the application of anti-corrosion coating and waterproofing. We also often apply fire-retardant coatings.

For the restoration of churches, FES Servizi can restore:

  • Colonnades
  • Wooden ceilings
  • Walls
  • Floors in stone, marble or other valuable material
  • Details of historical interest found within churches, such as baptisteries, mezzanines etc.
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