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Blasting for removing graffiti

FES Servizi offers graffiti vandalism removal from any type of surface: marble, brick, stone, aluminium, glass. We use the Soft-Clean blasting technique, which combines very high speed of execution with gentle abrasive action. There is no damage to the underlying surface and no alteration to the natural colouring.

FES Servizi can remove:

  • graffiti
  • graffiti vandalism
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185x80 LOGHI 0010 R Affmetal
185x80 LOGHI 0007 Gruppo Mauro Saviola
185x80 LOGHI 0006 alfaautomation
185x80 LOGHI valsir
185x80 beton
185x80 LOGHI vezzola
185x80 itinera
185x80 salcef
185x80 LOGHI 0003 alfa acciai logo
185x80 LOGHI 0002 manni sipre
185x80 fermont
185x80 LOGHI 0004 ferrero logo colore
185x80 LOGHI 0012 Ori Martin
185x80 ferriera
185x80 LOGHI CMM fratelli rizzi