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Washing, blasting and possible protective coating for the restoration of historic facades

How do we restore a historic facade?

FES Servizi is commissioned to restore ancient façades by public bodies or private individuals who own the property. These are delicate interventions to protect the structure and enhance the appearance of degraded historic façades, using non-invasive materials and processes to restore the façade for the specific context of use.

FES Servizi restores historic facades using special chemical pressure washing, with the alternative or addition of blasting, to remove the surface layer of dirt/pollution. There are different types of blasting, depending on the degree of degradation of the surface: microblasting, soft-clean blasting or cryogenic blasting. Following restoration, we usually apply a protective coating of special paint to the facade.

FES Servizi can restore:

  • Facades of public or privately-owned buildings of historical interest
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