2000x635 testata interne Servizi

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Consulting, inspections and testing

In addition to surface treatments and operations (combining various surface treatments), FES Servizi provides a series of additional services, ranging from painting consultancy to inspections.

2000x635 testata interne Servizi


Both in the design phase of a new construction and in the event of post-work problems.

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2000x635 testata interne Servizi


Performed by certified inspectors for problems related to corrosion and deterioration of materials.

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2000x635 testata interne Servizi


FES Servizi uses state-of-the-art equipment to perform tests on painting already completed or in progress.

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FES is certified quality

The services offered by FES Servizi - from blasting to special anti-corrosion coating - are of the highest certified quality. This is guaranteed by the national and international certifications awarded to the staff and systems used:

National Association of Anticorrosion Painters

FES Servizi is an official member of the National Association of Anticorrosive Painters, guaranteeing the quality of services in the field of anticorrosive painting.

ACQPA certification

French certification recognized worldwide, which certifies the quality of anti-corrosion painting systems and qualifies staff, inspection and expertise.

INAC Level B Coating Inspector certification

INAC is the National Anti-Corrosion Institute which provides training and qualification for anti-corrosion inspectors.

FROSIO Level III certification

FROSIO is a Norwegian body recognized worldwide and regulated according to the FROSIO SCHEME FOR SURFACE TREATMENT (which replaces the now obsolete NS 476) for training inspectors of anti-corrosion surface treatments.

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