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Sabbiatura ecologica

Ecological sandblasting

Eco-surface sandblasting

We specialize in eco-friendly surface preparations, a method of cleaning and restoring surfaces that utilizes sustainable and environmentally friendly approaches.

We employ advanced technology that combines the use of eco-friendly abrasives with a dust recovery and filtration system, ensuring a significant reduction in environmental impact. This allows us to operate safely and responsibly without compromising the quality of our results.

We are capable of handling a wide range of projects, both small and large in scale. We treat metal surfaces, wood, concrete, and more, effectively removing paints, rust, scale, and residues of all kinds.

Our company philosophy is rooted in a commitment to sustainability and ecology. Each project is executed with care and precision, employing advanced techniques to minimize waste and maximize efficiency.

We take pride in contributing to environmental impact reduction by offering innovative and eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

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