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Blasting is a cleaning process that consists of removing the topmost layer of a material by abrasive action using a jet usually composed of sand and air/water. This layer can be oxide, paint, calcifications, galvanic or plastic coatings, etc. At the end of the operation, the surface below the removed layer is completely uncovered and of varying degrees of roughness depending on the size/type of abrasive used and the pressure of the jet.

Blasting is one of the preferred processes for preparing a surface for painting or applying a protective coating. It can be performed on a wide range of materials: steel, cast iron, timber, ceramics, stones, marble and metal alloys. It is usually an intermediate process in the product processing cycle; only in certain cases is it used as a final operation for aesthetic purposes.

FES Servizi can operate on site, at external sites, or in the workshop, using the most advanced systems and equipment.

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