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Our achievements

The treatments we have created over the years are the best way to tell what we do with passion every day: explore our projects and discover the incredible transformations we have achieved.

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From the fire-fighting treatments applied to the walls of a new GUCCI store in Milan, to the sandblasting and painting of the ORI Martin production sites.

Discover some of the best FES Servizi achievements in the corporate and industrial fields.

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Public bodies

From the painting of the Vigorelli Velodrome, commissioned by the Municipal Authority of Milan, to the anti-corrosion coating applied to the Ponte della Corda Molle (Brescia), commissioned by Autostrade per l'Italia.

Discover some of the biggest FES Servizi successes in the public sector.

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Private entities

From hydro-sandblasting outdoor floors to painting indoor stairs.

Discover some of the best FES Servizi achievements in the private sector.

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